• Cash Advance Loans
    $50 - $500
  • Title Loans
    Up to $4,000
  • Installment loans
    Illinois & Missouri Locations

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Cash Advances, Title Loans, Gold Buying & More!
We buy ANY unwanted gold, silver, platinum or coins, we offer cash advances to cover you till your next paycheck and in just 15-minutes, we can lend up to $4,000 for car title loans! At our Hopkinsville, KY and Alben Barkley location in Paducah, KY, we even cash checks!

Need school supplies?

Time to replace your tires?

Prescription medication more than expected?

Then you’re in the right place to find a location near you, where you can experience a quick and friendly way to get Easy Money!

Looking for a hassle-free pay day loan?